It’s a simple concept, and you’re going to love it.

We’ve taken the natural goodness of Mother Nature and infused a seed’s nutrient rich properties into unique products formulated to provide maximum health and healing.

To help neutralize free radicals contained within the body our products are super compounds. As a strong antioxidant that helps fight oxidation, our products help prevent cellular damage.


Anciently, seeds were used for health, and in all avenues of commerce and were a traded commodity for thousands of years. The black cumin seed has been used for millennium to help promote good health.

Without modern medicine ancient people had to rely on home remedies passed on from generation to generation. The black cumin seed was a holistic medicine that worked. The black cumin seed worked then and the benefits have been confirmed today.

Rain international Soul Seed


Seeds are the genesis of life. They grow into plants, herbs, and fruits to sustain billions. Seeds are the most concentrated form of nutrition produced in nature. Rain International is the first company to fully harness this power by creating seed-based nutrition. Each seed contains the power to save the world. The science of essential seed nutrition has been thoroughly researched and supports our story.


People are becoming more health conscious than ever before. We have products that have been tested, prepared and are ready to supplement your healthy lifestyle. Our products, which have been scientifically crafted for maximum benefit, contain the best selection of antioxidant-packed seeds. Soul and Core are ready to support your healthy lifestyle and enhance your health options.

Seed cycles allow for a single seed to grow and mature in a few weeks transforming into the plants, herbs, fruit and food that you recognize. Rain International takes unique seeds in their infancy and using a special process unlocks essential core nutrients, some of which are only found within the seed. These core nutrients unlocked enable the body to become healthier, and function better improving overall quality of life. Your new lifestyle will help you accelerate towards your end goals, embrace your passions, and become who you have always wanted to become.


The secret of our products isn’t just the seeds, but how we unlock the potent and nutritional compounds found within each one.

We use a unique cold-press process to carefully extract and preserve each seed’s life-giving and healing nutrients.

Our products are lipophilic, which means they can be broken down with fats and lipids as part of the digestion process. Our seeds are bioavailable for human consumption. We use every single grain of nutrients from every single seed, wasting nothing.


Filled with natures concentrated goodness- seeds contain the most concentrated naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in plants.